I am a home cook, not a professional chef. I would identify my eating style as vegetarian and healthy-esque, except when it comes to dessert. Once in a blue moon I’ll cook meat for my husband. One of my favorite things is hosting (and of course attending) dinner parties – lounging around eating and drinking with friends for hours on end.


There’s something so basic and satisfying about going to the market, being inspired by what’s in season and looks great right then and there, choosing the best, freshest ingredients, digging through the pile for the perfect avocado/peach/tomato, going home and preparing a meal with love and thorough care. Then at the end the grand bonus – eating it with your partner/friends/family. Of course if you get a compliment or two it makes you feel super good and proud.

Why blog?

The Internet (used prudently and with some common sense) is a mindblowingly amazing resource for obtaining information for free. I’ve learned so much from the wealth of gorgeous blogs and websites out there. I wanted to contribute and share some of my favorite recipes and ideas. If the recipes aren’t my own I will clearly state the source. All of the photos are by me.

The writer

Trudie lives in Toronto with her husband Jordan and dog Oscar. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a major in printmaking (silk screen and etching). Trudie loves Jordan, food, ballet, embroidery, spring and summer, farmers markets, gardening, and her friends.

















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