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Another Place at the Table

Gentle reader, you may have noticed Oscar Banquet has been on a lengthy hiatus. The reason is there has been a new addition to the family. Baby Cleo was born in March. She is now 3 1/2 months old and in this short time she’s already changed and grown so much. Oscar adores her and […]

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Oscar Banquet Loves

Great Lakes wrapping paper

Gift Wrapping Pretty wrapping on a present makes even simple tokens extra special. I love wrapping gifts, in fact if J ever has anything to be wrapped I always beg to do it. Visual presentation is key, whether it be nicely plated food, pretty lingerie, or a well dressed gift. It adds a layer of […]

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Early July Farmers Market


Everyone was loving Oscar at the farmers market this week. He howled along with some passing sirens and everyone around us applauded. The cheese people offered him a cheese rind, but I declined on his behalf due to the probability of it causing stinky farts. A new vendor selling gourmet popsicles gave Oscar a dog […]

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Summer Solstice Farmers Market

squash blossoms

Yesterday was blazing hot, even at 10 AM. I wanted to be cautious about my fur clad companion in the heat, so after soaking him in a public fountain, twice (shhh don’t tell), I did only the most minimal farmers market visit, sticking to just the first few tables closest to the entrance. Despite my […]

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Season Openers – Farmers Market

apple cider donuts

Farmers market season is finally here. The one I frequent the most is Nathan Phillips Square because it’s close to where I live; it’s no fun lugging a ton of heavy groceries half way across the city. Setting-wise it’s not the prettiest market. Nathan Phillips Square is a big concrete square in the heart of […]

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Rain Day Indoor Activities

julia child roses

Whenever Oscar comes in from the rain he immediately runs upstairs and voraciously scratches and bites at the carpet in my office. I love the sound. After walking in the rain for an hour today, all this wet dog wanted to do was snuggle. But since he also smelled like wet dog I tried to […]

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Living Salad Bowl


What I’m most excited about in our garden this year is our tub of salad greens – a living salad bowl. I wake up every morning and peek out the window to make sure its survived a night of critterdom. Kensington Market has an incredible selection of herb and vegetable seedlings at great prices. They’re […]

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Urban Gardening – Coexisting with He Who Scratches With His Hands


  Our garden feels like a small victory. Although we don’t have any yard at all, just a narrow cement walkway to our front door, we are host to heavenly blue morning glories, lilacs, lavender, two rose bushes (yellow Julia Child, and pink Sexy Rexy), our favorite herbs, and various other edible and non edible […]

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